The Benefits of Audiobooks for Kids

Our mission here at Vooks is to get kids excited about reading—after all, reading is the key that unlocks the doors to success. We’re always looking for new ways to expand our offerings, engage new readers, and introduce them to all the wonder and magic that books have to offer (with the secret added benefits of improving literacy, comprehension, SEL, and more). 

As part of this venture, we’re excited to announce the newest addition to the Vooks platform: All Ears Audio-Only Mode! This new feature lets young readers enjoy the same great Vooks stories without the screen. It’s perfect for wind down time, bed time, car rides, or whenever you want to enjoy a relaxing story together. 

Audio-only mode was a big request from our users, but we also did a deep dive into research showing the benefits of audio-only read alouds for young readers. One of the key sources we looked to was a study done in February of 2020 by the National Literacy Trust on the relationship between audiobooks and literacy. 

Overall, the study found that audiobooks had significant benefits for young and seasoned readers. Here are some of the key highlights:

Studies showed that the language comprehension part of the brain was used similarly when reading or listening to a book. Listening to a book helped develop information processing skills in new readers because it removed some other hurdles present when reading a text.

Since audiobooks can be presented across a variety of devices, platforms, and scenarios, it’s easier for kids to experience a broad range of texts. When listening to a book, they may gain a better understanding of things like pronunciation, accents, and dialects than they might if reading silently alone (how do you even say onomatopoeia?!). This is a great way to help them experience and understand new cultures, places, and people. 

For families or folks who live together, audiobooks can be a great way to share the experience of reading. This can be at storytime, as a wind-down routine, in the car, or pretty much anywhere, anytime. Research also shows that audiobooks can be a helpful way for adults who struggle with reading to experience stories with others. For teachers, listening to a book in class can help student enjoy a story at the same pace regardless of reading ability. This empowers more robust, inclusive class discussion. 

Audiobooks can also help readers who are struggling or just not that interested. For some children, written text can act as a frustrating barrier to enjoying a story. This, in turn, becomes a barrier to reading. Audiobooks allow them to engage with stories in a different way, which can become a pathway to reading.

“Audiobooks offer kids, parents, and teachers a great way to create a love of reading. By bringing stories to life in a way that is accessible across ages and abilities, this format can help everyone feel involved and excited about reading.” 

– Patty Duncan, Vooks Education Director

Vooks is built to inspire kids’ love of reading in a new and unexpected way. We’re thrilled to offer even more opportunities and methods for new readers and their families to enjoy a lifetime of reading together!