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Vooks was designed to get kids excited about reading. Since 2018, educators around the globe have used our stories to help build literacy, comprehension, and engagement.

Vooks gets kids excited
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of surveyed teachers say Vooks gets kids excited about reading

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The Perfect Pairing

Many of our stories have activities that pair with them. Here’s how to find them!

More free activities and resources to supplement your lesson plans

Teacher Supports Kits

Our Teacher Support Kits are themed resources that provide 5-days’ worth of reading and activities for your classroom. No more Sunday scaries!


Special Occasions

A whole variety of seasonal activities, holiday themed resources, and activities for special occasions‎.


Classroom Kits

Vooks Classroom Kits were developed to help provide tools and strategies to establish some helpful daily routines, like vocabulary and writing routines.


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Vooks integrates into your favorite platforms to bring stories to every student

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Educational Advisory Board

Meet the distinguished individuals who advise us on all things education.

Education Director, Vooks, Inc. and Vooks Educational Advisory Board Chair

Co-Chair. Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University

Vice President of Public Affairs, Goff Public

Assistant Director of Special Education at Newman International Academy

Assistant Director of Research Infrastructure Services, Carnegie Mellon University

CEO of Fort Alto Inc., focused on platform design and implementation

Award-winning children’s author

UX Research and Design Consultant

Associate Professor at University of the Pacific

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