Step into the story with Vooks Storyteller

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With Vooks Storyteller, you can narrate a story, share it, & create lasting memories with the people you love

 Unleash your inner storyteller in 3 easy steps

Connect with anyone, anywhere through the power of story.

Select Your Story

Choose which story you’d like to narrate from our ever-growing list of titles.

Record Your Narration

Follow the on-screen prompts to add your voice—and even a personalized message!

Share Your Voice

Save your custom storybook to enjoy anytime or share it with your favorite book lover!

Why use Storyteller?

Select, record, share—learning and connecting has never been easier!

Early Readers, Siblings, & Friends

Laugh, play, and make memories!

Reading should be fun! Storyteller helps young readers see that storytime is full of fun, silliness, and laughter… with a little learning thrown in.

Long-Distance Loved Ones

Create memories across miles

Traveling for work? Military family? Out-of-state relatives? Bridge any distance with this easy-to-use tool that allows friends and family from all over to be right there reading along with your little ones.

Teachers, SLPs, & English Language Learners

Practice makes perfect

Learning isn’t always a straight line. With Storyteller, kids can practice their reading from the comfort of their homes or with your calming guidance, all while building confidence and improving comprehension.

Give the gift of Storyteller!

With three easy subscription levels, giving the gift of stories has never been easier. Birthdays, holidays—any days!—are better with storytime starring the voices we love.

What a fun idea to be able to read stories to my grandchildren with my own voice! I’m really loving the possibilities with this!


This is AMAZING! I bought a gift subscription for my nephews who live in another state. Now I can read my favorite stories and they can listen to me reading to them, miles away! What a great way to connect with children over long distances. Thank you!


One thing I will miss most about my daughters as they grow up are their sweet 3- and 5-year-old voices. Now I can record them exactly as they are, and capture this moment in time, forever. What a great keepsake!