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Vooks is the first ever streaming service that brings children's books to life with animated illustrations, read-a-long text and narrated story. Kid safe ages 2-8. A better alternative to screen time with new and classic children’s stories.


Curated digital library of animated books for young kids


Safe streaming

No more worrying if content is safe or not. Our library is filled with stories created specifically for children, so Vooks is guaranteed kid-friendly.

Watch wherever you are

Roadtrips, airplanes, or the living room. Use Vooks anyplace you have access to an internet connection. Or, with optional offline viewing via the mobile apps, enjoy your favorite storybooks even without an internet connection!

Vooks enhances the magic of books by bringing them to life! It’s so cool and truly the best of both worlds, while entertaining and immersing kids in a pretend world that is not only fun but also educational.
— @christycusato