‘Get Your Cowboy On’ with Musical Books from The Texas Tenors!

For those of you wishing you could experience life on the range with your family and kids – Vooks has great news for you. Three cowboy-themed musical storybooks from the Emmy-winning trio The Texas Tenors are featured on the Vooks platform. Each book will get your boots tapping and give you a taste of life on the ranch! And the upbeat tunes will stay with you throughout the day, bringing a smile to your face everytime you hear them. Be sure to check out the video clip below to get your boots’ scooting. 

Readers can Enjoy the Trio’s Signature Vocals on Charming Tales such as “Ruckus On The Ranch,” “Moon’s On Fire!” & “The Cowboy Lullaby”

Vooks, the world’s first and only streaming platform bringing storybooks to life through animation, proudly presents three new musical storybooks bringing to life some of The Texas Tenors’ most popular songs. Readers will enjoy charming tales such as “Ruckus On The Ranch,” as well as “Moon’s On Fire!” and “The Cowboy Lullaby”—all featuring the America’s Got Talent finalists’ signature vocals, with illustrations by Brian Fitzgerald. The trio is the top selling vocal group in the history of America’s Got Talent and Billboard No.1 recording artists.

Written by Harriet Ziefert in collaboration with the three time EMMY®-winning trio, “Ruckus On The Ranch” puts little buckaroos right in the middle of a lively day down on the ranch, where horses Wyatt and Ruby are causing quite the commotion as they run about the range. Kids will have fun singing along with The Texas Tenors as Wyatt and Ruby race through the hogs, dogs, chickens, and even a longhorn or two, with the cowboy and cowgirl breathlessly chasing after. Published in 2015, “Ruckus On The Ranch” continues to stand out as a fan-favorite at the merchandise booth during the group’s concerts, with a portion of sales benefiting Shriners Hospitals For Children. 

“The Cowboy Lullaby” is the perfect bedtime fable, serenading little cowpokes to sleep with a peaceful melody and soothing vocals. After a hard day’s work on the ranch, the cowboy and cowgirl are getting all the critters ready for bedtime, with the longhorns, chickens, horses, and more drifting off to sweet dreams as animated versions of The Texas Tenors strum along and sing “The Cowboy Lullaby” in the background. 

“Moon’s On Fire!” is a fun companion piece to “The Cowboy Lullaby,” that finds the critters’ peaceful slumber disrupted when Clem the dog suddenly shouts, “Moon’s on fire!” Running all around the ranch, Clem’s barking and yapping wakes Wyatt and Ruby, the chickens, longhorns, pigs, horses, and the cowboy and cowgirl, too. The animals soon learn that the orange glow means it’s a Harvest Moon—and now it’s time to get to work! 

“Ruckus On The Ranch” was originally published by Blue Apple Books, while “The Cowboy Lullaby” and “Moon’s On Fire!” are published by Blue Cat Books. For more information about The Texas Tenors, visit their official website here.

“Vooks is constantly striving to forge new and exciting partnerships with creators and publishers from across the literary and entertainment spectrums, and we are so proud to be able to join forces with The Texas Tenors for these dynamic musical storybooks,” said Shannon Bex, Vooks Chief Communications Officer and Co-Founder. “Packed with catchy lyrics and fun illustrations that bring the songs and stories to life in bold detail, ‘Ruckus On The Ranch’, ‘The Cowboy Lullaby’, and ‘Moon’s On Fire!’ are the perfect additions to the Vooks library—providing a unique experience that will have young readers singing along throughout the day.”


“Ruckus on the Ranch” lyrics by Harriet Ziefert and Marcus Collins, music by Marcus Collins, JC Fisher and John Hagen, published by The Texas Tenors

“The Cowboy Lullaby” music and lyrics by John Hagen and Larry Hanson, published by Little Blue Cattle Dog Music, Pig Works Music

“Moon’s on Fire” lyrics by Harriet Ziefert and John Hagen, music by John Hagen and Larry Hanson, published by Little Blue Cattle Dog Music, Pig Works Music

-From the Vooks PR Department