Creating Classroom Routines (and How Vooks Can Help)

It’s here—back to school! This year may look a bit different from others because there is SO much to do and to think of for a successful year. I am sure you are asking the same questions I did and some new ones as well: What will I do? How will I get started? What routines should I use? How should I teach them? How do I keep students engaged? What if I don’t have enough planned? What if I am not prepared? How can I best help my students grow socially and academically while we all continue to heal?

I understand the challenges this year presents. Children are coming back to school at varied levels, with more individual needs that will demand more attention, they continue to lack a sense of security, and the sense of joy has all but disappeared from learning—for all of us. It may be challenging to bring that joy back, but I believe this must be a priority for everyone. 

To help instill a sense of security in the children, it is important to establish routines and for students to feel safe and nurtured in their learning environment. As Education Director at Vooks, I want everyone to begin the year with confidence knowing they are prepared. I want children to be welcomed back to a classroom where they feel safe, respected, and loved. Routines and schedules provide children with a sense of stability and security that is vital to success.

Establishing and focusing on schedules and routines is also important for fostering a sense of belonging, creating a culture of learning, and building strong relationships. Children feel more confident and secure when their daily activities are predictable and familiar; familiar activities can provide comfort for children during challenging and uncertain times. A consistent daily schedule and step-by-step routines give children a predictable day. 

Our extensive FREE Building Classroom Routines kit was developed to help provide tools and strategies to establish a daily routine. I want to help you as much as possible begin the year with answers to your questions. This kit will help do just that!

The Building Classroom Routines kit will help provide a welcoming environment and bring a sense of security to the classroom. But we know children will need more. We need to work together to bring the joy back to learning. Vooks can help you do that as well! The titles available in the Vooks library will help you get students excited about reading. Vooks brings to life a library of over 300 curated books in a safe, ad-free environment that will engage children in reading. There are many ways to use Vooks in the classroom to inspire the love of reading and the accompanying activities were designed to extend that joy to learning (keep an eye out for my ideas around this coming soon!). Subscribers have exclusive access to units developed to help establish reading routines for readingsocial and emotional learningvocabulary, and writing. You can find even more engaging and educational activities for free in our vast resource center and in the “Activities” tab on many of our individual story pages.

Vooks is here to support you and your children in the coming school year. I support you as well. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at It is an honor to be part of making a difference in reading for children.

Patty Duncan, Education Director at Vooks