The Vooks Approach

Russell & Natasha Hirtzel

Chief Content Officer & Executive Producer, Vooks Studios

Why we do what we do

Your family deserves quality content

Our approach to kids content is different than most. Where others care first and foremost about getting eyeballs and engagement, we care most about the quality of the experience and the outcome for the child. With so many uncertainties in life, our hope is that Vooks can be a constant—a safe place where kids can experience the joy of storytime and fall in love with reading.

The Magic Ingredients

How the little ones in your life spend their time—and where you spend your money—matters. Kids deserve the very best, and we promise to never compromise on quality.

Mass-produced kids content sacrifices the details for the bottom line. Not here. We handcraft every second, every frame, because that’s where the magic lives.

The single most important activity for future success in life is reading aloud to kids. We diligently ensure the pacing of our content is exactly what kids need to learn and grow.

The same illustrations and words you see in the print book are what we use to make the animated Vook. Every creative decision made is in service to the original words and art.

It takes more than just a good voice to make a story really come to life. That’s why we carefully handpick each voice actor specifically for the story being told.

Music is the emotional heartbeat and sound effects bring the world to life. We lovingly craft both to help tell the story and improve comprehension.

Here’s to the next generation of readers!

You and the kiddos you care for are important in this world. We hope you love Vooks as much as we love making it for you!