Fundraising with Vooks!

Partner with Vooks for your fundraising campaign. Raise funds and spread the love of reading! Vooks works with local schools, daycares, organizations, mom groups and members of our communities to help raise money for worthy causes. We can work with your organization to create a program that helps raise funds and achieve your goals.


How It Works

Get 40% back on a $49.99 yearly subscription. That simple! Your fundraiser will get $20 for every yearly subscription of Vooks sold. No limits on sales.

1) Sign up. Enter your school or organizations information below in the fundraising request form.

2) Download Tool Kit. Once approved we will send you a link to your tool kit to help spread the word about your fundraiser.

3) Spread the Word. Your school or organization will be added to our fundraiser page. You can then send that link out to friends, family and your community to spread the details about your fundraiser and start raising money! Fundraiser proceeds go directly to your organization.


Fundraiser Request Form


Partner with Vooks for your next fundraiser!

Fill in the form below and join with Vooks for your next fundraiser. We will contact you and discuss the details for your fundraiser.

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Tool Kit

Vooks will provide you with everything you need to have a successful fundraiser once your request form has been reviewed and approved. Here are all the things you will receive in your tool kit to get your fundraiser up and running.

1) Information Flyers. These 8.5x11 flyers will have all the information about your fundraiser with Vooks including how to participate, cost, and how much your organization receives for each subscription purchased!

2) Logos and Links. We will provide you with a Vooks logo and URL links to post to your social media platform and websites.

3) Fundraising Documentation. We will provide you with documentation that includes all details of the fundraiser, expectations, and responsibilities.

Is your group already fundraising with Vooks? Head here and help out!

We’re here for you if you have any questions: