The video is all black or video is missing, how do I fix it?

The most common reason the video may show as all black is that the browser hasn’t been updated.

Our video delivery system is constantly updated to keep in line with the latest requirements of the most common web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox). Because of this sometimes the video player component built into an older browser may not read our videos properly.

The best way to avoid this issue is to keep your favorite browser updated to the latest versions.

There is another less common possibility. There may be a filter or block was placed by your email provider. Special permissions would need to be added to your networks firewall to allow traffic from our site. This situation usually occurs with networks from organizations or school districts that run their own email servers. As opposed to public email services like gmail or hotmail.

If you think you fall into this situation, please contact your IT staff to make changes to the network to allow traffic to and from the following domains:,, and

If you prefer have your IT staff contact us at and we can work with them to resolve the issue.

Vooks Dev