How do I watch on my iPhone or iPad using the Vooks app?

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Logging in
Watching videos
Syncing (downloading) videos for offline viewing
Managing account settings

Using Vooks App, you can watch the entire available library.


Here are the steps to sign in to Vooks App, no password needed!

  1. Open the Vooks App on your device.

  2. Enter the email address you used to subscribe video content on Vooks.

  3. We will send you an email with a sign in link.

  4. Open your email app on your device and click that Sign In link. NOTEIf you have trouble with the link on the same device, try clicking the link in your email on a separate device to login.

  5. Your device's web browser will load and let you know that you are logged in!

  6. Head back to the Vooks iOS App, and your purchase library will load.


Watching Vooks on the app is very easy! 

  1. Once you are logged in and your library has loaded, tap the image of the video you want to watch. 

  2. The video's collection will load, and you can choose a video to begin watching.

  3. Tap on a video and it will start playing right on the page. To watch in full-screen click the fullscreen button in the lower right of the video.


If you want to watch a video when you aren't connected to wifi or your cell network, you can choose to sync (download) videos to your iOS device. This is a great tool when watching on an airplane or other places without wifi or network.

  1. Navigate to the video you want to sync.

  2. Click the offline sync button to start downloading the video or videos to your device. 

  3. Once the video is complete, you are free to disconnect from wifi or network. 

  4. You can watch or delete your synced videos by clicking the menu button, and then OFFLINE VIDEOS. Click the X button to remove the video from your device.


To change your account settings, click the menu icon, and then Settings

You can change the following settings:

  • Display Name - This is your display name on Vooks.

  • Password - The password you use to login to Vooks.

  • Video Sync Settings - This is the maximum video resolution you want to sync to your device using Offline Syncing. 540p is the smallest file size and 1080p is the largest.

  • Sync over Wifi - This toggle lets you choose if you want to offline sync over wifi only or also over network data.

  • Receive Notifications - Toggle this on if you want to receive push notifications for new video content to your iPhone device.

Last updated on Oct 5, 2018

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