August 03, 2021 1 min read

 Educator-Friendly Vooks Offers Special Subscription Rates for Teachers & Parents

Vooks is pleased to present a special limited time offer on subscriptions for parents and educators. Available now, teachers who purchase a Vooks subscription for in-class use may choose between three unique plans which allow them to share Vooks’ premium content with others. TheFriends & Family option enables anyone to give Vooks subscriptions to five people for $49.99 yearly, while theTeacher & Studentsplan allows teachers to give up to 35 students access to Vooks for home use for just $100 a year. TheSchools & Districts plan takes these benefits even further, providing Vooks subscriptions to multiple classrooms for bulk orders with a required minimum purchase of $250. To sign up, please visit the Vooks pagehere.


From the Vooks PR Department