Vooks Company Profile


Launch:  September 2018

Company:  Vooks is an American over-the-top media service provider, headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Service Offering:  Ad-free collection of animated storybooks from publishers, authors and illustrators around the world.

Subscription Cost:  $4.99 monthly, $49.99 yearly

Target Viewership:  6 month – 8 year old children

Market Audience:  Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Childcare, Children at heart.

Value Statement:  Vooks is the only streaming service that brings children’s books to life with animated illustrations and narrated story. Making story time with your child more engaging; hold their attention and develop reading skills together or independently.

Website:  Vooks.com

Location:  2066 NW Irving St, Ste 4, Portland, Oregon 97209


The Vooks Team

Marshall Bex Co-Founder, CEO

Marshall Bex is a husband to his highschool sweetheart April and daddo to his three kids Laci, Marshall, and Brynnan.  Marshall founded Mode Adjust, a creative agency in Portland Oregon that has been telling the stories for fortune 500 companies like Nike, Gatorade, Verizon, Pepsi and others for more than eight years. He’s a brand experience strategist, creative director, entrepreneur, and leader that makes the complicated simple. He’s worked for over a decade with top brands to concept, design and strategize each unique story and experience. After graduating from the Music Technology Program at University of Oregon and producing documentaries through the School of Journalism and Communications, he spent ten years with the Nike Brand Design group introducing new products and concepts to market. He led teams as the creative director and director, producing films, motion graphics, and experiential content that told Nike’s product stories to the world.  

Russell Hirtzel Co-Founder, COO

Russell Hirtzel is an animator and creative director. He’s worked for 15 years with top brands to design and bring their story driven visions to life.  As long as he can remember, Russell has been interested in visual storytelling - whether it was an obsession with Disney movies, watching Saturday morning cartoons and analyzing how the characters moved, or geeking out over behind the scenes books on Star Wars and Industrial Light and Magic. After graduating from the Art Institute of Portland in Media Arts and Animation, Russell turned his love of storytelling into a career, working both directly with brands and also with top design agencies on major ad campaigns. In 2010, Russell co-founded Mode Adjust, a creative agency in Portland, OR. Along the way, Russell's love of animation and storytelling has only grown. Russell maintains high creative standards and attention to detail to ensure the books are brought to life in the best and most accurate way possible.

Shannon Bex, Co-Founder CCO (Press Contact)


As Chief Communications Officer, Shannon creates, develops, and maintains relationships with authors, illustrators, and publishers to expand product offerings and enrich the customer experience. She believes in nurturing business relationships and develops highly influential social and digital placement for our brand. She appreciates the importance of authenticity to drive high quality referrals and fosters strong, loyal relationships between customers and brands. Additionally, Shannon Bex is a nationally acclaimed performing artist: singer, dancer, choreographer and multi-platinum recording artist. Books have played a big part of her life.  However instead of getting lost in a far away land she travels back home to her acreage, horses and dogs to find soul time buried in business education books. Shannon truly believes in value of a good book and bringing the love of reading to children at a young age. Something that will be a part of their lives forever.