June 24, 2021 3 min read

With summer in full swing, you know what that means. It's time for kids to attend summer camp! Look no further for a camp to promote reading - we've got you covered with Camp Vooks! Check out the details below.

Vooks Presents Six Weeks Of Activities And Read-Aloud Fun With Camp Vooks

Camp Vooks Keeps Kids Reading All Summer Long, Providing Them With Eclectic Book Lists, Creative Crafts, Video Guides, & More, Getting Them Excited & Motivated As They Prepare For The New School Year

Vooks, the world’s first and only streaming platform bringing storybooks to life through animation, has launched the all-new virtual summer event Camp Vooks.

The six-week spectacular, from June 21 to July 30, will keep kids reading all summer long, as beloved Vooks’ characters Blue Marble, Iz, and Norb guide them through a series of interactive events that put the spotlight on four different books each week, along with a wide variety of engaging activities and helpful videos. Young readers will be able to earn fun and unique digital badges as they complete each week’s reading lists and activities, which encourage them to develop new skills; get up close and personal with animals around the world; use their imaginations; explore the wonders of nature; dream big; and learn what it means to be a true friend. A summer at Camp Vooks will maintain a sense of excitement and motivation within young readers, while giving them invaluable tools that will have them prepared for the upcoming school year.

Equal parts entertaining and educational, Camp Vooks takes the chore out of reading by giving users access to a rich and expansive library packed with diverse topics and titles that are carefully curated to foster a deep love for reading in children ages 2-8. Vooks makes the invisible act of reading visible with innovative storybooks uniquely designed with narration that matches the tone and rhythm of the average reader—helping to improve fluency and expression within children, and providing them with a vital framework for improving their reading skills and comprehension. Vooks’ storybooks encourage reading aloud, which plays a vital role in the development of literacy, introducing children to new words they may not encounter through independent reading and helping them ascend beyond their own reading levels. 

“Summertime is about fun and freedom—the last thing kids want to do is think about school during those few precious months,” said Marshall Bex, Vooks Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Camp Vooks represents the best of both worlds, giving kids access to a range of awesome activities and exciting storybooks, while simultaneously helping to build upon the skills they acquired during the school year. Our team has done an incredible job developing this extensive program, and I think our readers are really going to enjoy it.”

"Reading is such an integral part of childhood development, impacting so many key areas throughout their lives,” said Patricia Duncan, Vooks educational expert. “Much of what children learn can be lost throughout the summer, and Camp Vooks is the perfect antidote to that. Its seamless blend of education and entertainment will help young readers grow and maintain vital skills like vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and more, while they have fun exploring unique topics and engaging with a variety of creative activities.”

For more information on the Camp Vooks experience, please visit the Vooks website.

 -From the Vooks PR Department