Craig Robinson's Gift to Chicago


As a part of the Vooks team, Craig Robinson is excited to offer the gift of literacy to the children of Chicago.

Craig spent his childhood in Chicago and the city still holds a special place in his heart. He and his sister, Michelle, were raised in a loving home that encouraged reading and emphasized the importance of education. Craig hopes to offer that same love, literacy, and education to the youth of Chicago, giving them every opportunity to succeed. Literacy has opened incredible doors for Craig throughout his life. After earning a degree from Princeton University, Craig went on to receive a post-grad degree at the University of Chicago on his way to professional opportunities on Wall Street and with NCAA Basketball, ESPN, and the NBA.

Multiple studies have concluded that early language and literacy experiences have a substantial effect on educational achievement. According to research in Social Stratification and Mobility, children growing up in homes with at least twenty books complete three more years of school than children from book-less homes.

There’s no limit to where literacy can take your children and we’re all excited to see what they’ll do with their love for reading! Sign up here

Team Vooks

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