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Storybooks Brought to Life

Vooks is an entire library of storybooks brought to life with beautiful animation, read-aloud narration, engaging music and sound, and read-along text. Educational, safe, and ad-free screen time that inspires a lifelong love of reading.

A Whole New Way
to Read and Learn

Vooks is helping kids around the world fall in love with reading. Purposefully paced narration means that children are read aloud to, while also being able to follow along themselves with highlighted text—connecting what they hear with what they see. This helps improve fluency, comprehension, focus and more. Vooks is a whole new way to experience the joy of reading.

Teachers Love Vooks
in the Classroom

Vooks is more than just entertaining—it's educational, too! But don't take our word for it. 94% of teachers using Vooks say it gets their students excited about reading, while also helping kids develop important values and skills.

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Watch Vooks on your favorite devices—stream on your phone, tablet, laptop, and TV—or download your favorites for offline, on-the-go viewing! Watch whenever you want, wherever you are.

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Still unsure? Seeing is believing! Take a peek at some of our popular books right now, for FREE! Then, sign up for full access to the entire library. Vooks has new titles weekly, and is 100% ad free.

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Vooks Makes
an Impact for Life

  • Helps strengthen literacy, vocabulary, fluency, and focus
  • Empowers children to experience
    the joy of reading
  • Promotes independent and
    social-emotional learning

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